Updated October 2015

“I can’t believe I’m all grown up and am leaving Cleverclogs this year. Its been an amazing 3 years. And I couldn’t have got through my Gcse’s and Alevels without the support of Farhana and her ‘marvel team’ as we called it!  Cleverclogs became like my second home and I’m taking with me some great memories. Off to be an adult now.” Jenna Woollard off to study Economics and Finance at Exeter University

“My daughters never complain when attending Cleverclogs. They love having Hazel as their tutor and have made some good friends in class. They are constantly coming back with rewards and my youngest is especially motivated with this.” My Yanamogi

“Tom is a really good tutor, he explains topics in an understandable way. I’m ahead of my class now, so should do well.” Alevel Chemistry Student Clair Moses

“We have been so impressed with the progress our son has made since attending Cleverclogs. His primary tutor has managed to pinpoint the exact issue which was troubling Joe in his maths and now he’s just completely different. He never complains about attending after school and his really enjoying being taught by Stephen”. Mrs Beech and Joe in year 5.

“I have moved up a set in maths and am now working towards grade A! and its all because of extra maths lessons at Cleverclogs.” from greatful Hardeep in Year 10

“Our son had achieved his first Level 6b in year 9!! After being stuck on Level 5c for the past few years. I couldn’t be happier to see Armaan finally making that climb thanks to you Farhana!” Mrs Butt

Updated June 2013

Cleverclogs was recommended to me by another parent.  So glad my child attends. She has gone from strength to strength in her chemistry and we can’t thank Dr Nawaz enough.” Mrs Elliot

“I have reduced my costs by sending my boy here. He loves it here and his confidence has grown. It’s very reasonably priced compared to other tuition centres.  But what I’m most happy about is the genuine service that’s offered here compared to anywhere else I’ve been.  I feel as though I have my own private teacher at hand when I need her.” Mrs Reimers-

“My year 11 Son has just finished Cleverclogs after attending for a full year. We came to Farhana for Maths GCSE lessons through recommendation and I truthfully was taken aback with her sincerity and commitment.  Her Maths lessons were amazing, to the point that I use to come in and watch for the last 10 mins! She made sure her students worked their socks off! She covered topics that were missed by his teacher at school and made them practice the last decade of exam questions!  She never let them waste a minute, working from the moment they stepped in. Thanks to her James is expecting to achieve an A* from a predicted Grade B. And  if he doesn’t take A level Maths, I think I will, just to be taught by you Farhana!! From a very happy Mr Walkins.”

“Cleverclogs has been my main support for Ben and Leon’s education. Both kids have been coming for Maths and English and have been making great progress. Their tutor  really challenges them and Ben managed to put his hand up in the classroom to answer a question, at school, after a very long time so its done wonders for their self esteem. Also good to see that Cleverclogs is open in the summer, otherwise I’d be lost as to what to teach them.”  Mrs Guide

My English tutor was awesome! She made everything seem so simple  and really made me focus on key things when it comes to answering questions on the GCSE exam. Going into year 11 I feel much more capable of achieving a higher grade than C and looking forward to it. Year 10 student, Molly Price