Current Classes

We have classes available from 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday and Saturday from 10am

Primary Maths And English from KS1 (age 6) to KS2 (age 11)

Personalised, tailored lessons to meet individual needs of students, whether it be spellings, reading, comprehension, fractions, division or timetables.  We offer targeted support and focus on learning key concepts, helping to strengthen individuals with confidence.

SATs Preparation for KS1 and KS2

Although some schools are now aborting the idea of external tests at primary level, students are still tested internally at the end of each school year. The levels achieved are important for class setting and high school. We ensure that students are equipped with the confidence, ability and skills to tackle problem solving questions in Maths and have the knowledge, imagination and writing skills for English.  All work is fully aligned with the National Curriculum.

Preparation for 11+ Entrance Exams

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning course (mainly for St. Josephs).  The Course normally begins in May and runs over the summer holidays, prepping students for the test which usually takes place in September.
Excellent Pass Rate of 100% for four years, of students taking entrance exam at St. Josephs, having been prepared at Cleverclogs. Course nomally starts at the beginning of May for Exam in September
Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning preparation for test at Newcastle under Lyme, Adam’s Grammar and others.

GCSE in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Teachers are specialists in their particular subject and up to date with the syllabus of all the exam boards (AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR).  Students are prepped well, with intensive revision towards their exams.  We carry out plenty of practice with exams questions (almost 15 years worth of past exam papers) and make sure students are confident with managing their exam revision and techniques.

AS/A2 Levels, in Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Classes are conducted by specialist teachers within their field.  Lessons are personalised and tailored to meet individual needs. Our A-level class are often kept  to a minimum of 4 students per class.

Cleverclogs is also open during  the half term, Easter and the Summer, please ring for availability.