The Cleverclogs Advantage

The Cleverclogs Advantage 

Our procedures and processes are designed to ensure that  we are able to fully understand each student’s capabilities. We are unique and  extremely dedicated to the needs of our students.  We try to cater to their specific needs, their ways of learning and monitor their progress as closely as possible.

We provide one to one and group sessions
We understand the pressures of learning at school, with large class sizes and behavioural problems preventing students from learning. We provide small class sizes with usually 5/6 children to one teacher.This is found to be an ideal teacher student ratio, where students have sufficient teacher time but are also able to work on challenges independently and develop confidently.  Larger Classes have a maximum of 7 students and in addition have a Teaching Assisitant too. . All students are taught individually and not as a class.
One to one lessons are available to everyone, although priority is usually given to children in Year 6 taking their SATS and GCSE /AS/A2 students.

Our programs are individually tailored to work alongside the curriculum.
We usually start at a pace that the child is comfortable with and build on that. Lessons are discussed with parents goals for that lesson. Tutors are flexible in modifying the overall lesson focus. So for example if a student has struggled with a particular concept that he/she has learnt in school that week, we will make sure that it is taught in the lesson. So students return to school feeling more confident.

A relaxed environment
Students work in bright spacious classrooms and get to know teachers on a first name basis. We provide a relaxed atmosphere where students build a good rapport with their teachers.

Lessons are an hour long
All lessons are started promptly with students working on starter exercises as soon as they enter the centre. This provides a good warm up for the brain and sets the pace for the rest of the lesson. The time is found to be an optimum period for learning. During this time students work on a variety of exercises.

The lessons take place in a modern environment with up to date facilities. Students are taught using a variety of resources such as textbooks, whiteboard, computer programs, internet and the traditional paper methods. A childs learning preference is always taken into consideration.
We have excellent examination resources that include all Past SATS papers, 11+ papers as well as specific syllabus past examination papers for GCSE and AS/A2.

No long term commitments
Lessons are paid for on a 4 session cycle so we don’t take termly or annual payments,
making it much more affordable.

Praise and reward
Students are rewarded consistently for their hard work, with certificates, praise and encouragement, small sweets, biscuits and stationary.

The personal touch
We are available 24/7 when students are going though tests and examinations. If they find themselves panicking and wanting last minute lessons, we are always on hand to help. Praise is sometimes sent via text messages and email, if we haven’t spoken to the parents at the end of the lesson. Students find these extremely rewarding and we often get feedback from parents saying ‘it has made their day!’